Soundcloud is perhaps one of the most popular new social networks on the web. While some may compare it to other sites like, Twitter or Facebook, there are major differences between these services and Soundcloud which make them distinctly unique. Given that this article attempts to go in depth about each of these differences I will not be able to discuss every part of the site in detail; I will however, summarize what I see to be the three most important differences.

The first major difference is that Soundcloud allows users to upload their own original music or sound files for public distribution and sharing with others. This is a very unique feature when compared to other social networks which have been traditionally used as a platform for sharing text and images. The second major difference is that Soundcloud allows users to share their own sound files with others, while at the same time giving other users the opportunity to comment on them in a public forum, allowing anyone who visits your page to see what you have been up to lately.

How to loop songs on SoundCloud

Soundcloud is a really cool way to share music and promote your brand. Looping songs on SoundCloud automatically can be a great way to make a lot of money online super fast without doing much work at all. It’s easy, fun and you will get tons of attention from other users who use this website often.

One of the most important differences between Soundcloud and other social networks is that when you listen to someone’s song it automatically plays the next one in line. This creates a very nice ambiance for your page and gives your users an incentive to come back every time they want to hear more of your music. One of the best ways I have found to promote your brand is to create playlists of your songs and loop them so they continuously play after one song ends.

From what I understand, when you upload a track it stays on your page until you take it down or delete it. You can even download the tracks for free which allows other users to listen in offline mode without having to login first. I am not sure how many times these tracks will remain on your page if you do decide to delete them but it seems like they would at least stick around for a few months before Soundcloud removes them their servers.

What is Soundcloud and how it works

SoundCloud is one of the best, free audio sharing sites currently available on the web. SoundCloud allows anyone to upload their original music or sound files for public viewing and distribution by others. It utilizes an online interface that is both easy to use and provides users with excellent functionality designed specifically for helping promote different artists, bands, producers and DJs.

SoundCloud was founded in Berlin, Germany in August of 2007. The site has grown exponentially since its early days during 2008. Soundcloud is one of the most widely used social media sites today. It currently ranks within the top forty-five most visited websites on the internet according to Alexa global traffic rankings. As of April 2013, it is ranked the fourteenth most visited website in the entire United States according to Alexa U.S. rankings.

What is Soundcloud MP3?

Soundcloud mp3 download is a feature within the main site that enables users to download any track they like directly from their servers and save it locally on their computer or mobile device for personal use. All tracks can be downloaded free of any type of software limitations or size restrictions.

Soundcloud mp3 download is quick and easy to use. You simply navigate to the link page for the track you want on SoundCloud, play it once, let it load, then go back to the player where you will see an arrow pointing downwards towards a file format icon. Click on that icon to open up a menu that displays all of the available formats you can download the track in including m4a, mp3, and others. Simply click on whatever format your music player or device supports and bam! You’ve got the Soundcloud song you wanted as an MP3 file now saved directly to your computer or mobile device.


I hope this article has provided you with some valuable information on the differences between Soundcloud and other social media sites.

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